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Congratulations on taking the first step towards your new career! Insurance is a big business in Canada. Roughly 1 million Canadians are employed in this industry and there is lots more room for talented people to join. What are you waiting for? In as little as 5 days, you will have all of the knowledge and skills you need to become a Licensed Insurance Professional. All you need is some time, an internet connection and the desire to have a career in this exciting industry! You have spent years paying insurance premiums, now start earning with a career in the Insurance Industry!


Insurance Learning Solutions is an innovative leader in the development and delivery of practical training programs for Insurance Licensing. Through the use of Performance Based Instruction, we assist both individuals and organizations of all sizes in the training and licensing of Insurance Professionals across Canada.


Our offering of training programs includes classroom training, live on-line webinars that can be accessed anywhere in the world, and e-learning that can be accessed at the learner's convenience, all supported by our significant expertise in optimizing relevance and success. In each of these business segments, our focus remains the same-results.


With over 11 years of success in offering Insurance Licensing Programs, our results speak for themselves with a 90% + pass rate in General OTL Licensing and consistent rating of exceeding customer expectations. You can bank on your employees not only passing the Licensing Exam but returning to your office, equipped to handle customer interactions with confidence and ease.

Insurance Learning Solutions began as a light bulb moment within the mind of our President Jenessa McNichol, a then up and coming corporate trainer for a large Canadian Bank, reflecting on her less-than-motivating training experiences with lectures and binders and droning Insurance Professors. Faced with the daunting task of having to deliver a rather dry OTL Licensing Curriculum to new to the Insurance Industry and often "fresh out of school" young adults, and many English-as-a-second language students, she was determined to find a better way to deliver the outcome. She thought about the ways in which adults learn and the obstacles to that learning.

"Perhaps I could develop a program that encouraged learners to find their own answers, apply, practice and test their results, so that information was not just memorized but learned and experienced."

That was the light bulb that lit the way. Jenessa developed a Performance Based Program that allows her learners to find and practice the information and eventually test their findings.

"I wanted to create something that was pragmatic and immediately applicable to the exam and eventually to their job."

The results were paradigm shifting. Learners who had previously written the exam and been unsuccessful with multiple attempts were now going into the exam feeling prepared and confident. Learners were passing on their very first attempt. Learners were coming back to their agent's offices feeling confident in explaining coverage options with their clients.

If you have ever been presented with the opportunity to listen in to one of Jenessa's sessions, you would quickly note her charismatic personality, her passion for learning and her care and desire for each and every one of her students to be successful.

Founded in 2004, Insurance Learning Solutions has earned it's reputation as a Canadian Leader in Insurance Licensing Courses, offering a wide variety of Insurance Licensing Course options to suit the varying needs of today's dynamic customers.